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  • Our Tradition

    At Dental Expressions, a top dentist in Leawood, KS, we believe that the wave of the future in dental care starts with advanced technology which has afforded us the ability to provide a wide variety of treatments all at one location. The by-product of this is less time at the dentist, while maintaining the comfortable atmosphere that is so important to you and your family. Having provided dental services to Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs for years now, we recently decided to extend our practice to a new office in Leawood. We are excited to bring your family into ours!


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  • New Patients

    We provide quality general, family and cosmetic dental care services to people of all ages from all over the greater Kansas City area. We also provide emergency dental services and take Saturday dental appointments. Feel free to contact a member of our dental staff by calling our office direct at 913-851-1018 

Why Choose Us?

The atmosphere

A major part of our service focuses on the ambiance we create for you, whether it be in the surroundings or in the state-of-the-art technology we invest in. We do this to ensure that your dental visit is pleasant, safe, and spectacularly unique.

From the layout to the services, from the staff to the secure comfort, every detail is tops and guarantees your satisfaction. 

The team

The service and individual attention are always more important than just the atmosphere, and no one understands this better than we do. That is why at Dental Expressions our dentist and the team are highly skilled and dedicated to your comfort. We are proud to have your oral health entrusted to us and work tirelessly to justify that trust every single day. 

Besides working on improving ourselves through practice we attend regular training and continuing education to deliver premium care to each patient. 

The goal

Oral health is a continuous life-long need that requires time and attention. Our goal centers on providing every individual with this time and attention to the best of our ability. We take care of every aspect right from the examination stage through regular checkups to treatment plans and procedures. Our level of concern and attention to detail will leave you with a healthy mouth and a sparkling smile. 


Examinations, diagnoses, and treatments of all minor and major oral health issues,  corrective procedures, restorations, extractions, new and old. You name it, we offer it. 

Our dental services begin with basic examinations which include examining the mouth and X-rays if necessary. 

We offer cleaning, deep cleaning, and regular checkups. 

Following an examination, we discuss our findings, the necessary treatment, your queries and doubts, and any other details that need looking into. Whether it’s regular cleaning, braces for your children, clear aligners, extractions, or gum related health procedures, every service is our pleasure to provide.  

Here’s a breakdown of our services:

  1. General examination
  2. Periodontal services
  3. Pediatric dentistry
  4. Cosmetic dentistry
  5. Veneers
  6. Emergency dentistry
  7. Corrective procedures
  8. Endodontics

We perform all minor and major dental procedures and also offer the latest in dental technology.

Your oral health regimen may be perfect, but dental problems including loss of bone, loss of teeth, jaw movement, and bite issues often go unnoticed. Our staff works to discover every tiny detail of your oral health and give you a smile that you will love flashing. 

Keeping up with technology

We own all the equipment, and our methods and services rely on the latest and most advanced technology on offer. Dental Expressions does not use any time-consuming old methods and gives you services and treatments with cutting-edge technology, high-resolution images of your teeth, painless treatment methods, and attention to the most minute details that may make the difference in treatment. Our advanced equipment helps us to diagnose every aspect of your oral health, including details that are usually easy to miss. Decays, fractures, jaw problems, bite alignments, habits that need correction, gum diseases, and the effect on general health are all part of the details we concentrate on. 

Your dental health never goes unheeded with us and our advanced services. 


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  • We do our best to make your life easier. Our dentists in Leawood, KS are always available for our patients in times of emergency. Our contact page offers multiple ways for patients to contact us.

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