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Dental Crowns

For teeth that have large cavities and a lot of badly damaged tooth structure, a crown is the most effective treatment choice.  In this procedure a tooth shaped covering is permanently cemented on the existing tooth structure.  I can also be used to anchor a dental bridge or be part of an implant restoration.

The dental crown procedure

There are two steps to this procedure.  On the first appointment, our dentists remove a portion of your natural tooth structure to accommodate the crown.  2mm of tooth is removed all the way around in a very specific way to create a crown preparation.  An impression is taken  and sent off to our dental lab.  A temporary dental crown is fabricated and is left on for about 2 weeks.  The second appointment is to seat the completed crown.  It is cemented in place.  The permanent crown fits in sink with the rest of the teeth and the bite is verified.  The color should be a precise match.  The patient should feel absolutely comfortable with the new crown in place.

Different types of crowns

metal, porcelain fused to metal, all gold, all porcelain

Latest technology has introduced an all porcelain crown which can be fabricated in office called a CEREC crown.

Crowns have a longevity of 10-20 years based on maintenance.

CEREC Crowns

This is single-visit CAD/Cam restoration technology. We offer our patients a service for obtaining a crown on 1 appointment. CEREC crowns enable us to provide you with high quality ceramic crowns (metal-free) with outstanding marginal fit. This procedure does not involve impressions or temporaries. This is a computer simulated program which enables us to capture a picture of your tooth after it has been prepared. From that picture, Dr. Bhoot designs your crown chair-side with a computer program so that you can see the shape and anatomy that is being created in your tooth. The crown is then milled in office and it is cemented on that appointment. Most of our patients appreciate this service!

Cost of crowns

The average cost of a dental crown varies. Often, the type of dental crown plays the most significant role in determining its price. For example, all ceramic or porcelain crowns tend to cost more than other types of dental crowns because they are more time-consuming and require greater skill to be applied correctly.


A bridge is 3 or more crowns.  When a tooth is missing in the center , the adjacent teeth bridge the gap.  It is a fixed permanent option for replacement teeth.  There are different types of bridges but the more popular is all porcelain in the anterior and porcelain fused to metal in the posterior.  This will improve your smile’s overall appearance. Also, your ability to speak clearly, chew properly, and bite down without fear or pain will get better.

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