• Cerec 3D System

    CEREC Stands for – Chair side: Technology is used in dental operatory while you are in the chair Economical: Procedure is economical for both dentist and patient Restorations: Procedure restores your tooth to its natural beauty, function, and strength Esthetic: The restorations are metal-free and tooth-colored Ceramic: High-strength ceramics are used that are close in […]

  • Digital Radiography

    Our office uses computers to help capture, store and transmit dental radiographs. Unlike conventional film which may take between three and five minutes to process, a digital radiographic image can be obtained and viewed quickly on computer. The image is displayed in a large format on the screen, in comparison with the small films that […]

  • Intraoral Camera

    This is a small camera which takes very accurate images of your mouth, teeth, and gums. This clearly helps in making a more precise diagnosis when performing a clinical exam. With these enlarged images, we can see details that previously may have been missed strictly by standard mirror examinations. Hence, the efficiency and accuracy are […]

  • Diagnodent

    This is a small laser which aids in the detection of dental caries (cavities). It provides precise detection of subsurface dental caries which can be difficult to detect at times. Our dental team, dentist/hygienist, use this hand-held pen to confirm the exact location of a carious lesion prior to restorative treatment.

  • Velscope Screening System

    This is an oral cancer screening system. Oral cancer is rising in the US. In North America, in 2006, 34,000 people were diagnosed with oral cancer and 8,500 died from this disease. You are at increased risk if you smoke, drink alcohol, or over the age of 40. 50% of oral cancer patients die within […]

  • Casey Patient Education System

    This is a patient education system that is truly comprehensive in that it encompasses all procedures of general dentistry. We use this system in our office dental operatories and consult room to explain diagnoses, procedures, alternatives, and post-op instructions for the patients in our practice. It allows patients to visualize different dental restorations, and also […]

  • Chair Side Computers

    Patient Comfort Measures-TV’s in all operatories, CDs, blankets, comfortable chairs with treatment delivered from behind you instead of surrounding you from the front. Also, beautiful large windows with peaceful scenery, calming art work, and warm towelettes after treatment. You will love our five-star service and excellent dental care!

  • Oraqix – Needle-free Anesthesia

    Dental researchers spent years to develop an injection-free anesthesia that could be administered prior to vital periodontal procedures in order to avoid patients’ needle anxieties. The result of this research is Oraqix the first and only FDA approved subgingival anesthetic that allows patients to experience needle-free deep cleaning procedures.

  • Sterilization Center

    Our sterilization center is of the very highest quality! Our goal is to exceed way beyond minimum standards in all areas of the practice. Of course, this would prioritize your health and therefore the sterilization and cleanliness of our practice. We use state-of-the-art antiseptic procedures. Our sterilization procedures meet the Center for Disease Control guidelines. […]

  • Endodontic Technology

    Our Vision: To better our patient’s health by maintaining and retaining teeth through endodontic therapy. Technology used for endodontic treatment:   Electronic Apex Locator for precise determination of root canal length. Indications Apex location/measurement of root canal length. 96.2% accuracy rating* Automatic calibration Ability to work in wet canals Link to video: Wireless Rotary Instrumentation – Brasseler Endosequence […]