Tooth Whitening Leawood KS

Dental Expressions of Leawood Whitening Options

Tooth whitening is a sure way to brighten your smile and gain increased confidence in your overall appearance.  Many people are self conscious because their teeth have yellowed from smoking or drinking coffee.  Also, increase in overall age can cause wear in the enamel.  This wear can create the next layer (dentin) which is bright yellow to show through.  Many people wonder why their teeth have gotten more yellow with age.  The answer may be just an overall reduction in the enamel (whiter).

What is Tooth Whitening?

In our office we use a special mild gel, carbamide peroxide gel, over the period of 7-10 days, can drastically brighten your smile.  This is a take home system.  Custom made, soft plastic stents are made to allow you to wear without much trouble.  They are clear trays which can be worn for several hours or overnight.  Darker teeth may take longer.  There are also different strengths of the gel that can be given to you at the office.  We encourage brushing with a desensitizing toothpaste to decrease any sensitivity associated with tooth whitening.

Zoom In Office-Laser Tooth Whitening

Zoom is a revolutionary no-tray, long-lasting, one-visit teeth whitening procedure.  It is designed to give you a winning smile!  In this procedure, the teeth are carefully isolated from the lips and gums, and the Zoom bleaching gel is applied to them.  A laser is used in conjunction with the Zoom gel to accelerate and amplify the tooth whitening process. Because Zoom is so effective and takes such a short amount of time, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular teeth whitening procedures we

At home Touch up Kits

Our teeth whitening kits are also perfect for at-home touch-ups needed after receiving Zoom to maintain a dazzling white smile. Our take home professional teeth whitening kits include custom made trays to fit each individual’s teeth. The teeth whitening gel is applied to the custom trays and worn for a few hours a day, every 4-6 weeks. This allows for consistent and complete contact of the teeth whitening gel with your teeth for the most effective stain removal possible.

In about two weeks, you will achieve teeth that are noticeably whiter. Our take home teeth whitening kits can erase years of yellowing and stains from common foods and drinks on your teeth. Enjoy a rejuvenated smile! Contact us to find out more about our teeth whitening procedures!

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