Endodontic Technology

Our Vision: To better our patient’s health by maintaining and retaining teeth through endodontic therapy.

Technology used for endodontic treatment:


    • Electronic Apex Locator for precise determination of root canal length.
    • Indications Apex location/measurement of root canal length.
    • 96.2% accuracy rating*
    • Automatic calibration
    • Ability to work in wet canals

Wireless Rotary Instrumentation – Brasseler Endosequence Handpiece –

Cordless, 9 speed, powerful and ergonomic easy-to use instrument with one touch enhanced torque control used to meticulously clean and shape the root canal system.

Rubber Dam Isolation provides for a dry, visible, and clean work area.

Ultrasonic Instrumentation for advanced preparation and cleansing of the root canal system.